The Board

Chair : Francisca van Vloten
Secretary : Lemke van Slijpe
Treasurer : Inge van Leusen
Member : Arnold van Houtum
Member : Roderik de Wilde

Registered office Domburg

Dutch Chamber of Commerce KvK Number 77812514
RSIN 861155713

Post Address :
Post Box 335
7400 AH Deventer

PBO (Public Benefit Organisation)

The LUMO FOUNDATION is registered with the tax authorities as an ‘Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling (ANBI)’, i.e. a Public Benefit Organisation. This means that inheritance tax or gift tax on inheritances and gifts does not have to be paid. In addition, donating to institutions with an ANBI status has certain tax advantages.


The Lumo Foundation takes its name from the Esperanto word for light. For the Foundation, the light has a central place in the area it covers, because not only the special light of coastal regions but also that of natural, rural plains all over Europe and beyond has enchanted the artists who gathered in the artists’ colonies.

The Esperanto language has a special meaning for Domburg. During the First World War, Belgian refugees found refuge in the seaside resort. Among them the artist Jozef Posenaer and his sister Maria Posenaer, who in 1915 gave free Esperanto courses at the home of the then mayor of Domburg. Esperanto was designed in 1887 by a Jewish oculist and philologist of Russian, Polish and Lithuanian background with the intention of making it easy for people from different cultures to communicate with each other. 


Policy Plan

Financial Accountability

The Statutes and Bylaws can be requested from the Secretary of the Foundation.

For questions, remarks of contact, please use our contactform.

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