1. To acquire ownership or loan-term loan of a collection consisting of a multitude of material from and about Artists’ Colonies in Europe, as well as to manage this collection, maintain it and make it public. The collection, consisting of books, document & photo archives and works of art, is described in an inventory list, which is updated annually; 
  2. The collection is made available for study in a study centre. 
  3. Works will be exhibited on site in varying compositions; they can also be given on loan to museums; 
  4. Performing all further actions that are related to the above in the broadest sense or that may be conducive to it.

The LUMO Foundation is not for profit and all proceeds will benefit its purpose.


The Foundation tries to achieve its goal by, among other things: 

  1. The storage, conservation and creation of accessibility and availability of the collection for scientific research and education in a study centre; 
  2. Exhibiting the works of art that belong to the collection to the public; 
  3. Lending to museums works of art that belong to the collection; 
  4. Buying works of art directly from the artist or at auctions or otherwise; 
  5. Accepting works of art that are donated by private individuals and organisations;
  6. The LUMO Foundation maintains a website (www.lumofoundation.eu), which will keep interested parties informed about research, interesting publications, exhibitions and other activities.

The LUMO Foundation will commission new research into the phenomenon of European Artists’ Colonies and coordinate existing research. In addition, projects and mutual partnerships for researchers and artists will be stimulated and / or supported. In this context, the LUMO Foundation will keep in close contact with euroart, the Federation of European Artists’ Colonies and its bodies. 
In particular, the ICEAC (International Research and Documentation Centre for the study of European Artists’ Colonies, www.iceac.eu) will be supported in the broadest sense of the word. Its objective, namely to establish a Scientific Centre in Domburg, is fully in line with that of the LUMO Foundation.