The collection comprises more than 5000 books, focused on Artists’ Colonies in Europe and given on loan to the ICEAC in order to be accessible as a library to researchers. The books can be searched digitally.

In the Library, the Artists’ Colonies are arranged according to country and movement, depending on their art or cultural-historical significance. Separate shelves are dedicated to the great innovators in art, such as Van Gogh, Kandinsky and Mondrian, as well as Klimt, Toorop and others.


Copy of the front cover of a letter from Piet Mondrian to Mies Elout-Drabbe, written in 1912 in Paris, discovered in 1990 in the KB (Royal Library) in The Hague.

The documentation collected during investigations (such as letters, birth certificates and articles, often in copies) is housed in filing cabinets, folders and boxes.


In addition to numerous photos and postcards of works of art, the LUMO collection (Coll. LF) includes many historical photos and postcards of Domburg, portrait photos of earlier artists and many contemporary photos of Artists’ Colonies in Europe and exhibitions organised there.

Postcards of works from the CFVV collection, which are available for loan. From left to right Ferdinand Hart Nibbrig, Maurice Góth, Kurt Schwitters and Jan Toorop.

Old postcards of Domburg from the collection of the LUMO Foundation.

Photos by Jan Toorop, Mies (Elout-) Drabbe, Piet Mondrian, Ada, Sárika and Maurice Góth, Coll. LF.

Photos around euroart Exhibitions in Arvika Sweden 2005, Dachau Germany 2005 and Klaipeda / Nidden Lithuania 2007 and Schwaan Germany 2018 Coll. LF.


In 2021, the LUMO Foundation acquired the oil painting De Oostkerk in Middelburg, painted in 1969 by Jac. Prince, by donation and the triptych Bij de Duinen from 2000, by the Dutch-Hungarian artist Krisztián Horváth.

De Oostkerk in Middelburg, Jac. Prince
Bij de Duinen, Krisztián Horváth

The collection of the LUMO Foundation includes the four works listed below. An inventory list is being worked on and the Foundation’s collection is constantly being expanded.

Paintings by Armand Jamar, Euphrosine Beernaert, Emmanuel Viérin and a watercolour by German Grobe.